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Turkey is not really a low-wage country, it may be an interesting option for entrepreneurs to outsource their production there. In Turkey, labour costs are considerably lower than in Western Europe, while the quality level of the Turkish industry is increasing and in many cases meets Western European standards.

Trade Missions

Organization of Agenda of meetings with potential clients (distributors, importers, wholesalers,) in the objective market. Foreign Trade Forum will support to the Agences in destination during all the event. Also will give support in all logistic issues such as interpreters,taxis,hotels, institutional agendas.

Export Manager

Foreign Trade Forums offers an experienced team of part-time Export managers for companies wishing to internationalize or expand their current markets.In many cases, the Company already has some staff which cannot cover new markets because of the lack of time, other companies want to start selling outside.

Foreign Trade Forum was founded as an international trade organization which aims to connect international trade development employees and company owners to meet and share their experiances in 2006. According to the the needs of new members, Foreign Trade Forum started to give services on international trade and business development world-wide with its professional business network. There are more then 200 offices which was located in different parts of the world. Our services are unique and flexibility according to the needs of our clients. We make international trade and business development easy and perfect for our clients. We match what our clients needs and offer them solutions.

The team of Foreign Trade Forum is constituted by 5 people in Turkey, 17 in Spain, and more then 100 in 40 international market. Foreign Trade Forum has the confidence of numerous Spain and international oranizations such as chamber of commerce, international associations and multi-national companies.

genel exportForeign Trade Forum managed numerous projects for companies not only in Turkey or Spain but from Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Australia, Thaiti, United States, China, South Korea, Russia, Iraq, Syria and more... Foreign Trade Forum is here to help you. We are commited to our projects, our daily works, and international development of our industry. We want to contribute your business. We are offering special services for Turkey please check our services for Turkey below.

Business Development in Turkey - Special Services